Veysi Gunes was born in the capital of the carpet world, Eastern Turkey.

Veysi’s mother was weaving carpets for a living and Veysi became fascinated by the craft at a very young age. He then moved to Istanbul in his teens to learn from his uncle who was a carpet salesman at the Grand Bazaar.

Veysi then became more interested and passionate about the carpet industry and the culture where they originate.

Veysi moved to Cape Town, South Africa, in 1993 and established a business in importing and selling oriental carpets. He then moved the business to Pretoria in 2000 to establish Turca House Deco. Veysi’s vast knowledge of these carpets enables him to source the best possible carpets at the best possible price. Quality is something Veysi’s trained eye never misses, it is very important to him and he prides himself in offering the best quality of service.

Veysi also has a professional carpet cleaning and repair service. He provides his customers with the best advice on carpets, with a personal touch. Please come in and see Veysi for the best service, quality and price.