Rug Size: 287 x 202

MATERIAL: %100 sheep wool. Double knotted.

Afghan carpets are good value good money in the world today.

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Much like the Persian carpets, Afghan carpets adopt their namesake from Afghanistan. The Afghan carpets maintains the same antique and heirloom quality of any Indian, Oriental, or Persian piece on the market.The country of Afghanistan has a historic penchant for creating beautiful high quality rugs and carpets. Traditional Afghan carpets have been made in Afghanistan for hundreds of years in a diverse range of different styles.

Two of the most popular carpets from Afghanistan are Khal Mohammadi and Afghan Aqche. Khal Mohammadi are handmade by the Turkomans in the north of Afghanistan, and in some cases they can also be hand knotted in Pakistan by the Turkomans who have crossed over the borders into Pakistan. The primary colors are dark red in different nuances. Afghan Aqche carpets are handmade by the Turkomans in central and north Afghanistan.

Each is exclusively designed and is a unique work of art with its individual color palette.

In 2008,2013 and 2014, Afghan carpets won international awards, which is held every year in Hamburg, Germany.

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