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Chobi carpets are among the most desired and most popular Carpets in the western world, particularly in North America.

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The production phase of a standard-sized Chobi oriental carpets requires between a year (12 months) to 14 months. Reinforcement of optimum quality of rugs is dependent on the sources through which materials for dyeing are collected. It means that more than fifty percent of the laborious efforts to gather material is done before it reaches the other group of labors; the ones who deal with the production in the loom.

Dyes are made out of best yet natural dyes materials found in forests and woods. Those are the parameter of maintaining quality and worth. Some of the findings from the forests to achieve the required dyes include; peels of fruits, roots of the plants and trees, skins of vegetables, tree barks, dried flowers, and shells of the nuts.

The usual pattern of a Chobi carpet consists of a border pattern containing floral motifs and a central field also containing a larger floral pattern. Usually there are between three and five different colors used in any one rug, the most common colors being varying shades of softer, warmer reds, browns, and greens with varying shades beige or cream being the most common background color. Sometimes you can find a Chobi carpet with a blue or black background, though they are rarer than those containing the more neutral mixes of brown-red and beige with soft green highlights.

The design and weave of Chobi became famous all over the world and hence all major carpet manufacturers in Pakistan started developing it.

Chobi carpets were a response to the North American fashion taste that intended to modify the boldness of the traditional carpets in order to give a muted and antique look of natural wood color that was desired by modern fashion industry. Chobi was developed in Lahore and weaving centers were set up in border region of Pakistan and Afghanistan where they were mostly produced for the North American market.

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