Chobi Gabbeh


Rug Size: 243 x 170

Chobi Gabbeh are one of the warmest and most creative types of oriental carpets.

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Chobi Gabbeh carpets are hand- woven and hand spun carpets added with thick piles. They are made with best quality wool which helps them get piled. Nomadic tribes play a huge part in their making as they are handwoven there only. They are manufactured by hand spun wool, both in pile and warp.

Although basic decorative designs are used with limited styles, it should not be ignored that there is limitless and amazing beauty attached to it when it comes to patterns of such carpets. Such patterns make it very vocal that Gabbeh carpets are unique for all the right reasons.

As time has passed, the value of Gabbeh carpets has also increased. As the times have modernized, so have the designs of these rugs, too. It’s not that they have lost their essence of traditionalism because after all, that is what they are mainly known for.

Their design is a great example of how simplicity is beautiful. These designs are usually kept very basic with geometric motifs or symbolic shapes.

Some Gabbeh carpets are known to have large open fields and most of them have just a few color combinations. The vegetable dyes used to make Gabbeh carpets give them a very bold and vivid look.

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