Chobi Kilim


Rug Size: 206 x 146

Chobi kilims are hand-woven, they also have a very important difference to knotted carpets you can use both sides with the carpet.

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Chobi kilims are so-called flatweaves and look almost identical from the top and bottom. They can thus be used on both sides, which is a great advantage over other types of carpet.

They also have very distinctive patterns and designs. Thanks to the weaving technique with warp and weft, the patterns are linear and geometric. When the design elements are pulled apart, small holes are visible between them, which also result from the weaving technique. Typical are strong colours that are extracted from plants and minerals like Persian carpets. Thus, original kilims from the Middle East are 100% natural products.

Kilims have been around for thousands of years now. Tracing the origins of these rugs is very hard. Experts believe that they are actually Turkish and they trace back to the 13th century. Initially, Kilims were made of animal skin and other organic materials.  After weaving was discovered, the materials used in creating these rugs shifted to the materials that are used in handmade rugs today such as animal hair, wool, cotton, and other organic fibers. Kilim rugs are used to decorate the furniture, floors, walls, and doors of houses.

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