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Hamadan carpets are woven with soft, tightly knotted wool using Turkish knots.

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Hamadan is a collective term for a variety of carpets knotted in the region around the city of the same name. The Persian carpets knotted in the villages and towns surrounding the city may vary greatly. Whether pattern, quality or knotting density – almost anything is possible. Simpler qualities can basically be found under the collective term Hamadan.

Especially older carpets of the Hamadan region enjoy a good reputation. They were knotted on cotton warp. They were called Shahr-baff, which is a combination of the words city and knots. Unfortunately, these carpets are rarely to be found. In principle, carpets of this provenance are everyday carpets, which have their strength especially in their robustness.

The tribal hand-woven rugs here are treasured pieces and are known to be durable, lasting generations of heavy wear. Almost all the Hamadan carpets are woven on a cotton foundation using hardy wool from the sheep used to a cooler mountainous climate for the pile. Typically the carpets have a geometrical design often with a single central medallion. The carpets are of good quality are generally long lasting. Colours are predominantly made up of strong reds and blues with ivory used as a contrast.

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