Kazak carpet high quality machine-made imported from Turkey.

MATERIAL: %100 Polyester

Easy to clean; Washable with cold water.

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Beginning in ancient times, Kazak carpets have added luxury, prestige, warmth and comfort to homes. Originally woven with strands of silver and gold, Kazak rugs were, at one point, symbols of status. They were placed in churches, palaces and within homes of the elite class. They were not only used as floor coverings but they often hung from walls and placed on the throne or at the feet of the king.

During the 1980s and 90s, Afghan refugees fled the Taliban regime and settled in Pakistan. This resettlement revived a flourishing weaving tradition within the region which, was led by traditional Kazak/Caucasian motifs. However, the colors and designs would evolve as new materials and resources became available.

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