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Sarouk carpet is a type of Persian carpet made in the Sarouk village of Iran.

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Sarouk carpets are very attractive and are considered as one of the highest quality rugs originating from the well established Arak weaving district in central Iran. The prominent center medallion motif that is the hallmark feature of Sarouk rugs was first designed by Farahan, a famous designer who hailed from the Sarouk village. His idea was to introduce a unique design that would compete commercially with carpets being produced in other neighboring regions. These highly stylistic center medallion motifs became hugely popular and were soon adopted by all Sarouk rug weavers.

Most Sarouk carpets have a cotton foundation and a wool pile. There are some variations in the material used for the pile but the foundation is almost always cotton. The cotton material gives the carpet a sturdier foundation and makes the rugs more durable too. The pile is thick and lush with a soft luxurious feel that can be attributed to the high quality of wool that is used. The higher knot density also contributes to the lush, luxurious feel of the pile.

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