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Turkoman carpets are constructed using 100% pure wool. This wool is sourced from the famous Karakul sheep.

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Turkoman carpets were first woven only in Afghanistan, which is where they originated from. They later made their way into Turkey and Persia over the years by Afghan immigrants who brought along with them their hand-made rugs and sold them in the Turkish and Persian markets.

Instead of the single knot weave that the original carpets had, the carpets that were produced in Turkey were now woven using a double knot weave. Everything else remained the same. Today Turkoman rugs are woven by nomadic weavers from Afghanistan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan in almost the entire northern region of the country, from Kunduz in the east to Maimanah in the west.

Most Turkoman weavers belong to a tribe called the Ersarim, a prominent ethnic group that consists of several different clans. Each of the clans had their own characteristic motifs, which they featured on the rugs that they created. Two of the best known of these motifs are the Tekke gul, which is a smaller gul pattern and the elephant’s foot, which is a larger octagonal gul. Within these two motifs, there is a wide diversity of Esari designs.

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