V.Turkish Patch


Rug Size: 240 x 170


Vintage rugs are often washed with stone to preserve the style of faded colours of antique oriental carpets.

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Vintage rugs from the orient, are overhauled and almost completely discoloured. This lowers the pile down to a minimum. The carpets are then dyed with modern new colours and patterns. Thus a completely new carpet in modern vintage style is created from an old hand-knotted oriental carpet with a long history.

So-called patchwork carpets are also produced in this way. They are made of older oriental carpets, hand-knotted in the Middle East. They are also often re-dyed after processing and then cut into several pieces. The parts of different carpets are then colour-matched and sewn together. Thus, a new patchwork carpet is created from different old oriental carpets. There are also patchwork carpets that have not been newly dyed and those made from old kilims.

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