RUG SIZE : 400 x 80

Ziegler carpet high quality machine-made imported from Turkey.

MATERIAL: %100 Polyester

Easy to clean; Washable with cold water.

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Ziegler comes from its company name, which established its own carpet production in the Persian town of Arak in the early 1870s. Previously, the British company traded cloth products imported into Persia from the UK.

Over time Ziegler carpets broke away from the exact imitation of conventional and traditional Persian carpets. Modern aspects and design directions were increasingly taken up. For example, Ziegler carpets are often treated with a stone washing as finish to achieve a washed out effect on the pile.

The name Ziegler wasn’t taken from a city or a tribe like other Persian rugs; rather, it is the name of a particular design pattern and style of weaving. They are sometimes referred to as Peshawar rugs due to their similar traits.

This particular fusion created the original Ziegler rugs, which likewise became a hot commodity among the international market upon their birth. Since the Western market had such a deep hand in the Ziegler’s manifestation, the overall process had an extremely positive impact on the Persian and Oriental rug exportation industry.

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