Professional Carpet & Repair Services

Decorative and Persian carpets are often put in living areas and high traffic areas, but beware of dust and grit that are walked into these carpets daily – they can shorten the life expectancy of your rug considerably. Regular vacuuming and cleaning to remove dust and grit is always a good idea, keeping it clean and hygienically fresh in your home.

Washing your Carpets

Why we recommend that carpets get cleaned by experts as the risks of cleaning your rugs by yourself;

  • Causing the colors to fade,
  • Causing color runs,
  • Causing the dyes to bleed together,
  • Fringing and fraying,
  • Shrinking,
  • Curling and rippling,
  • Creating permanent pattern markings and,
  • Oversaturating the materials, leading to mold and mildew growth.

In a short there are many risks to damaging your carpet !

In general, hand-knotted wool rugs may require a full wash once every 3 to 4 years by a professional service.


By the very nature of its use, rugs are subjected to all kinds of damage-inducing experiences. They get walked over. Heavy furniture creates irreversible dents. Moths eat away at the fibers and of course, they are often at the receiving end of all kinds of spills.

Getting your rug repaired in time is one of the key measures to maintain its beauty for the longest time. Rug repairs should ideally be done as soon as you notice the damage. Ignoring it will only result in it getting worse. We will always take the trouble to procure the right kind of wool and matching dye and use the right weave so that the repair work compliments the natural characteristics of the rug and does not go against its original character.